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(Charlie loves) The Spring & The Fall is a 1-page, 1-player tabletop game about a cat. The outcomes of the game are affected by when you play the game. Part of the Libre Baskerville Game Jam.


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I love this game! And I love Charlie: because I love all cats, but also because this is a game all about Charlie and it manages that limited scope in such an endearing way. Every roll you can make is an action taken (or not taken) by Charlie, a cat. There is no real conflict and certainly no character-creation phase; there doesn't need to be. It's about Charlie.

Outside of that, though, The Spring & The Fall presents an honestly delightful set of moves. Rolling for these feels fun; it's exciting to figure out what the rolls correlate to and then to imagine the result. This is a lovely example of the beauty of the everyday for me. It's simple and understated, and absolutely worth your time.


This is really, really, completely unexpectedly satisfying in a way I can't articulate. I think there's something mundanely magic about knowing that Charlie swishes her tail four times, then lies down because it's hot.

Ah, thank you! Glad to hear that you were able to glean some enjoyment from it.